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The Energy Savings Certificate Life Cycle

What is the NSW Energy Savings Scheme?

LumaLED products and services are authorized under the NSW’s Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). The ESS Scheme is a state government scheme that aims to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology by commercial businesses. By improving or replacing energy savings equipment businesses can gain financial incentives as the products fitted reduces your energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, creating Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs). Each ESC is created through avoiding 1 tonne of Carbon dioxide and can be sold on to liable entities (electricity retailers, for example) that are required under NSW legislation to acquire and surrender certificates as per their compliance obligations.

What is LumaLED’s role in the Energy Savings Scheme?

LumaLED is a leading Australian LED Lighting Distribution company. We provide businesses with quotes, high quality products and project management. Once the proposal of the lighting upgrade has been accepted by the customer LumaLED supplies the products and services and facilitates the project with its Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP)  under the ESS to create and trade ESCs. The NSW Government have set strict guidelines for the successful creation of ESCs. LumaLED aim to simplify this process and allow their clients to take advantage of the associated benefits.

Who is installing my new lights?

LumaLED has preferred partners accredited to install lighting under the energy saving program. We have five installation companies that cover all NSW. If you prefer to use your own electrical contractor as you feel more comfortable they will need to be accredited to operate under the program. LumaLED only partners up with quality companies based on their service and safety for customer satisfaction.

Recycling of Old Lights

As per the terms of the ESS set out by the NSW Government, all old lights must be decommissioned and recycled to ensure that they will not be reinstalled at a later date.






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