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Data logging

Data loggers are used to monitor energy consumption over a set period of time. Lumaled Electrical Division provides its customers with valuable energy consumption information using data loggers. This information can be used to better manage their energy usage.

We provide a detailed report with an explanation on power use, showing graphs, an excel spread sheet indicating the items being logged, total watts used, hour per day of use, kilowatt hours and dollars saved per year. This information enables our clients to make an informed decision on where they spend their money.

A typical use for data loggers is monitoring energy usage before and after changing from conventional fluorescent lighting or outside flood lighting to LED lighting. Another use is monitoring air conditioning loads before and after VSDs (variable speed drives) have been fitted to air conditioning equipment.

When considering energy management for your business, consider getting accurate, informed information with data loggers and let Lumaled guide you through the process.

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